From our team to yours, here are the articles and blog posts that were distracting educating us this week.

Mikey P

Mike Pemberton

Screamadelica anniversary edition — when is remastering, reissuing, repackaging just not in anyone’s best interest? “There’s a huge risk that the term ‘special edition’ becomes synonymous with ill-conceived, cheaply made boxes of needless crap.”

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bars — US vs. UK packaging. The differences run deeper than the packaging.


Jennifer Larsen Morrow

Broadband has passed the tipping point, so now video is one of the primary media viewed online. People are far more interested in watching something and being entertained than in reading text. Consider … how can you have an expert talk about your product or service, have a product demonstrated, or use video testimonials to add strength and appeal to your website?


Mikki Trowbridge

The theme in social media this week was disaster response … literally, with Red Cross turning a no good, very bad situation into an all around win. Taco Bell and Coca Cola also had some coverage on responding through social media when your brand is under fire. Is your brand ready to weather a social media storm?

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