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Marketing Mistake #1: Our product and service is outstanding, that’s enough

A blog series:

We’ve been working on this series and have heard some good response as they’re being Emailed out to promote BrandACT, my one day marketing workshop. So after some discussion … it seemed like it might be a good idea to start posting these! Enjoy. Of course, if you have any suggestions for “marketing mistakes” … leave us a comment!

The marketing mistake: believing that doing a good job is enough to get more customers in the door.

audiences are the marketing conceptsFact:

Even if your product or service is extraordinary, you have to let people know about it. You have to market. And now it’s more important than ever to be targeted, focused and effective when you communicate about your business, products or services to potential customers or clients.

Know your Audience

To be effective in your marketing, you must have a clear picture of your target audiences … and every business has multiple audiences, from current customers to prospective customers, a referral base or others in your sales channel. Once you know your audiences, you will have a better understanding of how they buy, what they expect and how you can appeal to them in their own terms.

When you understand who your audiences are, you will also be able to identify the contact points … those opportunities to connect with all audiences or specific audiences. You may have planned opportunities such as a Website, or you may have existing contact points you may not be making full use of, such as signing or vehicles.

Now develop marketing strategy and tactics!

Now you can learn dozens of tactics and ideas to help you market more effectively. Discover how to choose the most efficient communication channel and media for your unique business and your targeted audiences. Invest just one day in my marketing workshop, BrandACT™, and you will return to your organization with a fresh outlook, new marketing ideas and a clear direction for marketing your business more effectively, even in these tough economic times.

We’ve already filled one session in Oregon … and have now scheduled another for April 2 in Wilsonville. Would you like to know more? Please go to EventBrite or give us a call at 503.883.4433.

Hope you can join me, Jennifer Larsen Morrow, for another energetic and interactive day … plenty of interaction, and time away to help you focus on marketing your organization more effectively.

And watch for the next marketing mistake!

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