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Email Meets Social Networking

How Email and Social Networking work together

Today I attended a webinar by ExactTarget and Forrester that discussed how to use email marketing and social networking together. What happens when email meets social networking? I wanted to share some of the key points with you.

Three-quarters of US online adults use social technologies, which now includes any forum for sharing information and content online – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and email are all social. Even with all these other ways to talk to our friends, email is still the most popular way to share online content both in the adult crowd (18+) and with teens (12-17). More than 80% of online adults share content via email.

  • 77% trust content received via email from people they know.
  • 60% trust consumer ratings and reviews.
  • Compare that with only 38% who trust television ads.
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So what does this mean to marketers?

Use email as the link between your social media efforts and make it easy for users to share your email and other online content. Remember that your emails don’t always have to focus on marketing messages; build user trust and loyalty by sending out fun, interesting and relevant content without the sales pitch. And make sure you don’t wear your marketing hat when working with social media.

  • Use Twitter for short, immediate communications.
  • Use Facebook to keep in touch with fans.
  • Use email for deeper engagement with brand advocates.

The commitment to become an engaged subscriber to your email list is much larger than the commitment to follow you on Twitter. Get to know your customers and their behaviors before reaching out to them in any of these arenas. Reward your brand advocates with in-depth email content and promotions that make them feel special. And again, make your content easy to share so you can build your base of engaged subscribers.

What happens for you when email meets social networking? Do you find one more effective than the other? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The Social Media is going to be the fundamental tool for CRM.
    Great post!

  2. This is exactly what I heard when I was on a webinar last night on social media marketing. The need to start off building relationships is the BASIC in all businesses and continued success. I am now realizing how to use the online media to approach the outside world and hopefully I will be able to adjust to this venue. I am really a newbee on all this but I am trying to get into the stream of using Facebook, Twitter, and now a blog.

    This site was recommended by one of the top media marketers that I heard from last night, so that is why I am here trying to figure out how to use the blog site.

    Good luck to all out there and hopefully I will get this quicker than later.

    • Thanks for stopping by kadees! We’d love to know who recommended our site.

      Remember to do your research before reaching out to people in a social venue – find out why they’re there and what they’re interested in so you can be sure to give people what they want. Social media is a great way to reach out to a mass market in a one-on-one tone and can work quickly to build brand advocates. Good luck!


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