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Marketing mistake 2: Move Everything Online, Print is Dead

The Marketing Mistake:

focusing your total marketing budget online and giving up print


We all use multiple devices at once these days... How is this influencing your marketing?Although more than 70% of Americans are online and we all spend an increasing number of hours daily researching on the Internet, Emailing and participating in social networks such as Linkedin, Plaxo or facebook, people still like and respond to something tangible in their hands. And even if your website is incredible, you still have to invite visitors to stop by.

There’s plenty of news right now about traditional media companies (magazines and newspapers) shrinking thanks to online competition. Large organizations are moving more of their marketing dollars online, too, and away from print advertising. Yet there is still a need to reach your audiences in different ways in order to help them find you and your website.

Of course, if you have a website, it should be promoted and included in every communication, whether it’s a letter going out to a customer or prospect, on your package, in sales literature, at a trade show or on a company vehicle. Most business to business organizations or smaller consumer-focused organizations can still generate good results with carefully planned and targeted direct mail campaigns, interesting advertising campaigns placed in appropriate publications, and innovative formats and content for mailers or catalogs. After all, it’s still about reaching the targeted audience in a way that will generate response.

So don’t just say goodbye to print marketing.

Though of course, your digital marketing strategy is important, print marketing can have just as much if not more of an impact for particular businesses. Only leave print marketing in the dust when it strategically and economically makes sense… And for many businesses, today is not yet that day.


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