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Marketing mistake #3: I’m Telling my Story my way

The Marketing Mistake:

Describing your products and services without considering the expectations of your audiences

The fact:

marketing messageYour audiences care much more about the benefits you or your products or services offer, not about how products are made, or the company history, or your credentials. It happens a lot. Well-meaning business owners or marketers develop sales materials, websites or ads that tell their audiences what they have to sell, how it works, how it’s made or other descriptive details, rather than understanding and communicating the BENEFITS from the perspective of the targeted audience. The result? Lots of materials and information that no one reads, or that is “over the head” of the audiences you seek to reach. Or worse, your target audiences compare the “stuff” you provide against the same “stuff” your competition offers.

So? When comparing stuff to stuff, price is the only differentiator … or your audience ends up not “getting” what you’re trying to communicate, they don’t see the value your organization, product or service will provide … or worse, they are turned off and dismiss your message. The final outcome is a low return on investment, diminished response to advertising or mailings and frustration on the part of the marketer.

How do you increase your results and response? How do you use your marketing to generate more sales? How do you avoid this marketing mistake? Focus first on your audience and what’s important to them—in that particular situation, within that touch point, at that stage of the sales process. Put yourself in their shoes and ask “what’s in it for me?”

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