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Marketing Mistake #4: I Don’t Need Keywords on my Site

The Marketing Mistake:

Not making use of simple page titles, page descriptions and keywords to enhance your website.


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is easy to implement and one of the most powerful (and free!) methods you can use to generate traffic on your website. Every website has the capability of incorporating “back-end” content that will enhance your visibility online. Yet many businesses, (and web programmers), don’t bother to incorporate this basic level of marketing into a website.

There are many levels to address when optimizing your website—from developing user profiles, to tuning up content, to enhancing page layouts and ensuring there are strong calls to action on each page, yet the simplest is to create a page title and page description for each page that reflects the content on that page, and install Google Analytics (also free!) on each page to track traffic and generate data about search terms and more.

Your website should be an integral part of your ongoing marketing and branding program and more than an online brochure. An effective site will make use of good marketing principles—positioned to appeal to your target audiences; strong messaging to support your unique benefits; an easy to follow “path” that fulfills on what visitors are searching for; graphics and information to enhance your brand.

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