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Marketing Mistake 5: I’m Right and They Should Know Better

The Marketing Mistake:

Believing that what you know is true matters more than what your audience thinks they know


Perception is reality. And when you’re marketing, it’s not about your reality—whether that’s how you know your business works or how your product is made/grown/manufactured/packaged — it’s about what your audience thinks they know about how your business works or how your product is made/grown/manufactured/packaged. If your audience thinks something negative about your product or service, you must address that perception from their point of view, not yours, even if you know they’re wrong.

The challenge every business faces today is how to reach their targeted audiences with messages that hit home, that connect, that compel response. If there is a negative perception about your industry or product, you can’t ignore it, you can’t tell your audiences they’re wrong, you must address the positive and provide solid, reliable and factual information coupled with strong benefits to help that audience understand what is real and true. By doing so, you’ll be positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, and that is a position of strength.

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