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Marketing Mistake 7: It Worked Before, it Should Work Now

The Marketing Mistake:

Believing the marketing program you established five—or even ten—years ago will continue to drive inquiries and sales today.


Not only have your audiences changed in the last five to ten years, but so has the world of communications.
Effective marketing is directed at specific audiences, using the channels they use/view/access to communicate, inquire, learn and purchase. There are so many new ways to communicate, to seek out information, to make an inquiry or buy a product or service that your marketing must change to fit.

Marketing Mistake: Assuming what worked then, works now.More than 85% of Americans are online now, with Pew Research reporting back in 2009 that six in ten American adults go online wirelessly using either a mobile phone or a laptop. The first place people go when they want to research a product, find out about a company or learn more about the services offered is online. And when they’re ready to buy? Most start online. No wonder “google” has become a verb!

Now take a hard look at your online presence, beginning with your website. Is your website an online brochure or an interactive online marketing and communication tool? Your site must support your business position and be in alignment with your brand and message. And it must engage the audiences you seek to reach and provide value every time they visit.

How should you update your website?

First look at your sales process and identify where your website fits. Does it back up sales calls? Or make sales? Does it provide customer service or support? Are you providing an easy way for customers and prospects to respond or inquire? Are you making it simple for the right people to find what they need in three clicks?

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