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Online Preferences Influenced by Health Condition

Reach your Audience, learn their Health Condition

77% of individuals are now turning to online sources of information after being diagnosed with a health condition, second only to the 81% who turn to a healthcare professional.

marketing-expert-diagnoseThe high volume of web users searching for health and wellness information presents valuable opportunities for targeting content to the online preferences and behaviors of individuals with specific conditions.

New research by Kantar Media, which studied online behaviors, found that the types of websites visited and the reasons consumers go online for health and wellness information is strongly influenced by type of ailment, stage of condition, age and gender.

For example, individuals who used the Internet for finding information on diabetes were more likely to revisit sites that provided helpful tools and connected them to a larger community of people also dealing with diabetes.

For people with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, the most popular sites were those that offer easy access to medical professionals.

In regards to age – 18 to 34 year olds were most likely to go online to find and review healthcare professionals, while individuals over 50 were most likely to go online to find out more information about a treatment or condition after visiting a doctor.

It’s simple. Know your audience. Target your content.

For more on this topic, visit: http://www.marketingforecast.com/archives/8151

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