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Ten brands we are thankful for!

Giving thanks to note-worthy brands.Giving thanks…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Creative Company want to give thanks to some of the brands that inspire our marketing brains, AND possibly our Black Friday shopping lists. From around the globe, as well as some from right here in the Willamette Valley, here are the ten brands we are most thankful for this year.

1. Apple

Thank you to Apple for the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, Mac computers galore and … for ongoing leadership in establishing and maintaining true brand DNA. The Apple brand experience is consistent in everything from product use and beauty, to marketing, to retail experience and packaging. Branding at its very best. www.apple.com

2. Nordstrom

We are thankful for so many things at Nordstrom, but mostly for a brand that represents the epitome of great service and the ideal shopping experience – good people, great sales, wide selection of products, and a no questions asked return policy. www.nordstrom.com

3. Downtown McMinnville

For developing a main street (which towns across America want to emulate) that showcases unique, unusual shops, bistros, wine tasting and more! Other brands we love include: Golden Valley Brewery, La Rambla, Thai Country, Wednesday Wines, the Sage, Accessory Appeal, Mes Amies … and the list goes on! www.downtownmcminnville.com

4. Dutch Bros.

For nailing the drive through user experience – fast, energetic, lively – plus good coffee!! And for creating a brand that lends itself to citizen marketing. We’ve all seen the bumper stickers, antennae balls, clothes, mugs, and other miscellaneous Dutch gear. We want to be a part of Dutch Mafia! www.dutchbros.com

5. Google

Because it’s fun to say, easy to use, and offers free solutions for just about anything you want to do in life. But mostly because it’s hard work owning a category and becoming the generic term (think Kleenex and Tylenol). You don’t  search it, Yahoo it, or BING it … you Google it. www.google.com

6. Dr. Martens

For developing a brand that remains relevant across decades, social groups, and continents. Originally intended for police and postmen, and today worn and loved by rock stars, politicians, teachers, hipsters, models, artists, and possibly a few production managers and graphic designers. www.drmartens.com

7. Salem Health

For being true to their brand and ensuring “the Heart of Healing” is experienced not just in the quality of patient care and treatment, but also in the quality of staff, the environment, internal and external communications, and the visual brand. (Disclaimer: Salem Health is a client, but their dedication to excellence inspires us!) www.salemhealth.org

8. Travel Oregon

For developing a brand that sheds light on all the best kept secrets Oregon has to offer while personifying our state’s wild, rugged and adventure-filled personality. www.traveloregon.com

9. Costco

Or is it the $100 (or more) store … or shopping for giants? You know what to expect at Costco, and that’s free samples and quality – the very best avocados anywhere, amazing meat and seafood, big bags of Starbucks French Roast coffee beans to keep us going, lots of books and CDs, great gifts, essentials like toilet paper, and prices you just can’t beat on high-end home goods. Costco, we love you! www.costco.com

10. Gap

And last, but definitely not least! We are thankful for Gap, who in the face of brand disaster, listened to their customers instead of forging ahead with a logo we are very thankful not to have created. Although for the record, we never would have designed anything that … inane. www.gap.com

From all of us at Creative Company: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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