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Our Manifesto: Brand Responsibly

Brand Responsibly

Brand Responsibly!

Now that we’re well into February, and most of our new year’s resolutions got left behind in January, it’s time to really gain some momentum on making change this year. Amongst the personal resolutions you set for yourself in 2011, hopefully you set a few for your brand as well.

Lucky for your brand, it doesn’t need to diet, exercise or lose weight. (Jealous.) But there are always opportunities for your brand to work harder, faster and stronger in boosting sales for your company.

There are no codes, mandates, edicts or commandments in branding. And sometimes the answer to “where do I begin” or “what should be my first priority” can be overwhelming. Every marketer will give you a slightly different answer. There is no golden ticket to branding success unfortunately. But after decades of marketing for clients in a variety of industries, for companies both large and small, we have identified a number of factors (15 to be exact) that can make or break the success of a brand.  Consider these our rules to brand by. Our manifesto.

This manifesto guides every branding project we do for our clients.

Our gift to you is to share our insight into how and why to use these proclamations to guide your brand. Over the next several weeks we will dedicate a blog post to each proclamation, hopefully inspiring you to adopt at least one of them, not as your brand resolution (because resolutions statistically fail) but as your brand proclamation.

As you sit, anxiously waiting for this series to begin, download the complete Brand Responsibly manifesto and subscribe to our blog feed so you don’t miss a single post.

Our challenge to you in 2011: Brand Responsibly. Do you accept?

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