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Facebook versus online, inbound marketing

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Facebook is a phenomenon.

It’s hard to believe that the company just celebrated its 7th birthday.

So, 8 years ago we had never heard of Facebook or even considered there could be that form of communication available … to connect families, find old friends, stay in touch with people you don’t see regularly, or build visibility for a business. And it’s now a substantial platform for advertising, as you notice the ubiquitous blue box with the “f” in it show up in magazine ads, on television, on business cards and so much more.

Yet despite all the hoopla, and Facebook reaching 500 million users last year, there is a caveat, as noted in a recent article from MarketingProfs.com: Is the Web a Zero-sum game?

75% of online users are NOT on Facebook

First … not all users are “active” … personally I have a few people I see and interact with daily and weekly, but there are a number of my friends that hardly post or comment at all. They may want to stay out of the conversation, or they may not be logging on regularly. Thus you’re really only reaching a fraction of those who are users and “friends.”

And as the author of the noted article stated … with close to 2 billion (BILLION) people on the web, that still leaves 75% of online users NOT on Facebook.

Social media may not be the marketing solution for you

Once again, let’s step back from the frantic acceptance of social media as the next big marketing vehicle. Instead consider social, and Facebook, as just one piece that will help to build awareness. Depending on your business and your audiences, the social aspect of Facebook may not be a good fit.

Inbound marketing is bigger than social media

Instead, embrace inbound marketing. This is an integrated series of tactics, carefully measured, that is designed to reach people who are searching for what you offer … because you have built content on your website around specific keywords that people will use when googling for your goods and services. Social media is a player in inbound marketing, but so are search engine optimization, blogging, content management, email campaigns for lead generation and lead nurturing, and a well-defined brand people recognize and respond to … supported by a strong sales process.

We know the web is now the preferred source for information — not the yellow pages, not social media — when you want information about a product, service, healthcare, news, hobbies, homes for sale or nearly anything else … where do most people start? The web. Google. Maybe Bing.

Thus an effective marketing program that will deliver visitors who convert to leads that convert to customers and sales is an inbound marketing program that links all of those online tools, tactics and measurements to meet your goals.

Are you practicing inbound marketing by optimizing your brand online? A company website is often the first point of choice for potential customers and clients. Can they find you … and what do they find when they find you online?

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