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Is your audience on Facebook?

Social Medial Plan

You don’t have to be on Facebook.

But maybe you should be.

After another conversation with a company searching for ways to get the word out about their home building services I realized again how difficult it is for business owners who are struggling to find the right way to bring business in, or traffic to their website.

With all of the hype about social media, the explosion of Facebook and resulting carpet baggers out there promoting “we’ll get you on Facebook for $800 a month” it’s a bit frightening.

So it’s back to … who is your audience?

This basic question often falls by the wayside in the frenzy to find the right solution or use the latest technology. Whether it’s banking or home building, business to business or consumer services, where your audience is seeking information or getting referrals is where you want to be. And that may be on social media. Or not.

An in-depth conversation with our team, ranging in age from 25 to 58, clarified a few more issues … even when it comes to Facebook

  • the older audience may use Facebook, but it’s strictly social and often a way to keep up with far flung family
  • the younger audience uses Facebook as a resource, looks at companies and offers, finds referrals and builds networks

Granted, this is a small sample. But it pointed out another angle … even if your audience is using Facebook, how often are they on and what are they using it for?

In a recent post on Fuel Lines, Four-step Approach to a Social Media Plan, a logical approach to building a social media plan was reviewed. POST. People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology. Even here, appropriately so, the people (your audience) are first. And the technology is last.

Our advice to the home builder?

Look at your best customers of the past. Talk to a few of them. What methods are they using or would they use to find services like yours? With this company, we agreed the majority of their potential clients are not going to find them on Facebook. They’re going to network with other local residents, ask for a referral, or look online. Email will likely be effective, as will building good content, valuable to the potential client, on the website.

Can’t say it enough. Building your brand has to start with the audiences, and where they choose … that critical point of choice. Where are they seeking out your goods and services? And where are they going to raise their hand to say “tell me more”? That’s where you begin … not by jumping on the social media bandwagon, or whatever the next great thing will be.

Looking for insight on finding your point of choice? Try our point of choice worksheet.

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