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I had a conversation with a small business person the other day, who had proudly announced in graphics on the side of her car that she was part of the “XYZ performance team” at a real estate company. The name and logo of the real estate company were very small as support, and her phone number was prominently displayed.

While driving through Portland she received a phone call. The caller asked “what do you perform?” She was taken aback.

Of course SHE knew she meant she was part of a sales team dedicated to sales performance. But because the other driver who had seen the phone number and the large statement hadn’t seen the logo for the real estate company, they had no clue. They thought it was a different kind of performance!

Now she’s going back to change her graphics so it’s clear she is in real estate, not that she’s going to be on stage any time soon.

We know what we know … but perception is reality

Consider your message. Could it be mis-interpreted? What’s the first thing that is noticed or seen on a sign, on a vehicle, on your business card or as the headline on an ad? Does it mean what you intend it to mean to everyone who sees it?

Clear messaging that resonates with the audiences you want to reach must be simple, direct, and from their point of view. But always always keep in mind … perception is reality. Audience perceptions guide your brand.

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