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Social media, technology convergence … the future

Social media, technology convergence... What does the future hold?Shift Happens

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We know it’s all changing out there … but when we realize … Facebook is only 7 years old … the computer in my iPhone just 30 years ago would have fit into a building … in a technical career, college students will find that by their third year, half of what they learned in their first year is obsolete … the iPad was introduced just a year ago (April 2010) , sold a million in its first month and now the iPad 2 is causing riots in China … the number of social media platforms we now have… it gives us pause. There is no way to predict the future, yet the trends might give us some guidelines to try and imagine the unimaginable.

Pausing to consider … when will things be changing too fast? When will the older generation not be able to keep up? It’s already overwhelming for Boomers like myself to strive to audit, review, learn, access and use the new technologies — from social media platforms to RSS feeds to new software for analytics.

And when things are changing so quickly, when social media develop so rapidly

… do we lose the opportunity to study, refine, test, explore and grow with what’s now … because we’re jumping so quickly to what’s next?

The younger generation (Gen Y/Millennials) think and see things differently. Studies have shown their brains are wired differently, and that they expect instant feedback, instant results. Having been raised with technology where something happens immediately when you click or press a button, that’s what they expect. This speed of motion, glance to get the idea, is showing itself in how movies are made. Look at a movie produced 20 or 30 years ago … compared to most films now, it’s S L O W …

So what can we expect? In my humble opinion …

  • Technology will continue to evolve rapidly … impacting all areas of our life (of course)
  • Technology will drive and support the marketing process, from analytics to communication platforms
  • Education must evolve, and will have to change to meet the continuing explosion of technology … from those who design and craft it, to those who must be continually educated to use and implement it effectively
  • There will be a growing backlash by people who are overwhelmed, who find one way to communicate and take in information and will accept upgrades (like a better TV that’s connected to the internet, or a phone that also does email) but will refuse to engage in the newer forms of communication. QR codes? no. Facebook? never. Twitter? heard of it, but not me.

Some will keep up with technology and social media... Others will give up.These trends may seem obvious on one hand, but on the other hand … it will serve to divide the generations and divide the target audiences even further, in my view. Finding and communicating with the right audiences will require an understanding of those who embrace the technology, those who embrace social media — and how and where they use it — to those who refuse to engage.

We’ve posted more insight on today’s technology and generational marketing …

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