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Good branding = good communications

Confusing choices, too many choices

We live in an overwhelmed, time-starved society. Communications and websites are “glance and scan” and ideas are absorbed in sound bites. No one reads the detail, only the headlines. First impressions are the only impressions.

In an environment where hundreds of communications are all battling for attention, all trying to reach the same audience, it’s essential that an organization establish visual consistency, recognizable design elements and clear, concise messages. Without establishing standards and simplifying messages, there will be no impact. Messages and ideas will be lost in the clutter.

The power of branding makes a difference in how your organization is perceived and the response you see to all communications.

Business or government, small or large

Reality check — whether you’re a government agency or a for-profit business; whether you’re selling a product, raising money or promoting a service; your audience is people.

  • Understanding the perceptions and perspective of your primary audiences will help you be more effective in communication.
  • Understanding who they are and how they take in information will help you choose the most effective communication channels to build your brand.
  • Understanding the importance of consistency in visual presentation will help your message and information stand out and be remembered.

How do you know you’re communicating effectively?

When your audiences:

  • Get what you’re trying to communicate without extra explanation
  • Recognize at a glance who you are and what you stand for
  • Relate to your message, because you’ve given them benefits that resonate
  • Want to know more because you’ve grabbed their interest

You’ve communicated clearly. You’ve been effective. You’ve connected with the people you’re trying to reach. And you’ve established the foundation for good branding.

Because a brand is more, much more, than a logo!

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