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Mobile marketing will grow in 2012

Got your smartphone yet? Surfing via the small screen?

Many studies are showing the rapid growth of smartphones as more and more people discover the joys of having email, Web surfing, shopping and endless apps in-hand, all the time. And of course, the more we use our device, the more we discover new ways to shop, new ways to play and new ways to communicate.

mobile shoppingIt’s a natural next step to see mobile marketing grow, as more and more people research purchases or shop online, on their smart phone. Marketers are finding their mobile campaigns are influencing consumer purchase intent.

In an Ad-ology blog post on October 4 by Kathy Crosett, she reported on the Borrell Local Mobile Advertising Conference and the research that shows the rise of effective mobile marketing. Interesting statistics profile how consumers — both male and female — are using their smartphones to shop.

Predictions were

  • Local mobile advertising as a marketing channel will arrive in 2012
  • Local mobile ad spending this year will likely reach $788 million and perhaps double next year

And what about the audiences?

  • Smartphone and tablet users comprise a lucrative audience
  • Consumers who own smart phones or tablets plan to spend $300 or more this holiday season and a good chunk of that spending will take place via their mobile devices
  • Men are using their phones differently than women for shopping purposes
  • Men with smartphones are far more likely to tap this device as a shopping resource in warehouse stores, hardware stores and automotive parts stores

The top 3 uses of smart phones by consumers when they are shopping:

  • Looking up reviews: 63%
  • Checking prices: 46%
  • Reading best use tips for a product: 44%

The recommendation, based on research?

Once a shopper is in a store, a marketer’s mobile campaign, whether national, regional, or local, can make a difference with respect to finalizing a sale. A well-designed mobile app can convince a shopper to buy, if the price is right.

[Source: Local Mobile Advertising Conference 2011. Web. October 3, 2011]

What about your mobile plans?

Research cited from this conference points to mobile devices being a vital new point of choice, especially for retailers who can provide more information to consumers while they’re in the store. For a smaller business be sure your website is mobile friendly, and consider a small mobile site that promotes top items or offers specials.

For a B2B marketer, a mobile site that delivers information to help a researcher/potential buyer make a purchase decision will be valuable. So many business people use their smartphones day and night, for email, research or entertainment.

No matter who your audience is, as you’re planning for 2012, consider how mobile can reach more audiences and drive response.

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