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“You can build a brand online.

You have no choice.”

Cited on an agency management blog, this 2009 report from Razorfish (think nearly two years ago) makes important points … if you aren’t paying attention to your digital brand, you’re falling behind … fast. Your digital presence — website, mobile, email — is a vital point of choice.

your digital brandDigital can make or break a brand.

  • 65% of consumers say that a digital experience, either positive or negative, changed their opinion of a brand.
  • Of those, 97% said that their experience influenced whether they eventually purchased from the brand.

Digital experiences create customers.

  • The overwhelming majority of consumers who actively engage with a brand in digital fashion are much more inclined to purchase products and recommend the brand to others.

We’ve blogged many times about the value of the online  experience,  how branding is about the experience and the  interaction. Weave those thoughts with these statistics and you’ll see it’s ESSENTIAL that digital — at least a website — be part of the marketing program.

Even if you’re a B2B marketer

… those same consumers are also your B2B audiences. After all, we’re all marketing to people, whether they’re buying for themselves, or buying for a business.

What does your website say about your organization?

Is it appealing and easy to follow? Is the content engaging? Are there clear calls to action? Or is it a boring, copy-filled, visually cluttered online brochure?

Have you ensured your website is mobile friendly?

Check out the statistics about smartphone adoption and the rapid growth of mobile marketing … because that’s where the audiences are interacting.

Are you making good use of email?

A clear message, a mobile-friendly layout that links to the website, a series that recipients recognize as valuable?

Have you considered social media?

Not because it’s the new buzz word and everyone is doing it, but because your target audiences are using it and communicating on that platform.

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