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A visit before the Brand New Year!

Happy branding to all!

‘Twas just a few minutes before presenting the new brand,
The team was nervous and wringing their hands.

The logos were printed and copied with care,
In hopes that all departments soon would be there.

The letterhead was printed; the cards were on hold,
Lest someone thought the colors too bold.

The people all gathered at the conference table,
Everyone, except the receptionist, Mabel,

The reaction was poor and they made such a clatter,
Mabel came in to see what was the matter.

She saw what they needed quick as a flash,
They required a brand that really would last.

On her computer she clicked a few pages
Then found one written by marketing sages.

Optimize My Brand was what she found,
Where ideas and help were sure to abound.

Who’s the target audience for your brand?
That’s where you start taking a stand.

Who is this person? What do they like?
How can you get their interest to spike?

Where do they start making you their choice?
Customer service? Sales? That new guy named Royce?

Asking some questions might take some time,
Sort of like trying to make all this rhyme,

At the end of the day the thing that’s slick,
Is having a brand that really clicks.

Mabel printed a worksheet, came into the room,
It was then that the energy started to bloom.

Knowing what they wanted their customers to say,
Was how they all decided on a new brand that day.

The little receptionist, so lively and quick,
Has a fancy new marketing schtick.

This story is silly but asks for some action,
We really can help your brand gain traction.

Knowing your audience clearly is neat,
Wanna know more? We have a worksheet.

It’s not just a logo; it’s not just some words,
It’s making sure that your message gets heard.

Mabel’s quick thinking saved the day,
Now the whole team knows just what to say.

She stays busy helping the company grow,
She told me this story, as she was getting ready to go.

And I heard her exclaim, ere she drove out of sight,

                   Happy Branding to all, once you get it just right!

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