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Facebook changes, more options for business

Facebook is changing, again!

Buddy Media has just posted an excellent review of what’s happening at Facebook, and the new opportunities for businesses. If Facebook is an integral part of your marketing program, you should understand these new options. Following are excerpts from their blog post.


The highlights of the announcements from the company’s first-ever Facebook Marketing Conference include:

  • Via Facebook’s new “Reach Generator” product, brands now have the option to pay Facebook for guaranteed News Feed distribution to up to 75% of all their fans.
  • Several new exciting new ad units were launched, where the content you post on your Page is the ad unit. There is no more creating separate ad copy on Facebook.
  • All brand Facebook Pages will get Timeline, just like personal Pages.

Excerpt: You’ve invested in fans. Invest in content to engage them.

And invest in Reach Generator to guarantee distribution. This isn’t a new concept. You currently pay to send emails. Part of email service providers’ service is to guarantee that you are getting through. Facebook today just did the same for you. While you’re paying for distribution, you’re getting significantly more engagement.

Excerpt: Posts become ads

Facebook announced that brands can now turn any post into a premium ad. The premium ads, instead of just appearing on the homepage, as they did in the past, actually appear in four places — News Feed, right-hand side, mobile News Feed and on the logout page.

This means two things for you: (1) you need to create awesome content for your Page; and (2) people will tell you what your ad creative is, and you then need to monitor the data in real-time and make the right decisions about what to buy and when.

Excerpt: Brand timelines

On the top of the Timeline will be a new pinned post capability. Brands can keep one post “pinned” on the left-hand side of their Timeline for up to seven days. These Posts will stay at the top of the Page for the duration of the time it is pinned. This is another great way to guarantee that your fans can see your most important and engaging content.

Today, Facebook launched a new social media and advertising platform for companies that combines the best of what has worked in the past, with several new and exciting additions. Specifically, this is the re-launch of a new brand offering from Facebook where paid, owned and earned content works together to grow more effective connections with customers.

Our take:

Yes, Facebook is projected to reach a billion fans worldwide by the end of the year. And the data profiling opportunities on Facebook are over-the-top phenomenal. BUT IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE ON FACEBOOK? Same question we keep asking. Or … even if they are … would they be seeking your products or services on a primarily social platform they may view only once a week or even as  infrequently as once a month?

Facebook and social media as one component of a brand program require a dedication of time, support, attention and  content development. Just having a page and letting it languish is not only ineffective, it diminishes the perceived value of your brand.

If you’re seeing results from your company’s Facebook presence, this relaunch will add more value to your program. You’ll have greater reach and even more opportunities to optimize your brand within social media.

If you’ve been considering adding Facebook to your marketing program, now would be a good time to build your presence, with a fresh launch of your page and fresh content. If you’re going to use Facebook, be sure you have someone on staff, or at your agency, to be the social media champion to continue to add fresh content and to engage fans.

Facebook has changed the marketing landscape.

What other marketing platform can claim an audience close to 1 billion people? The data available for targeting is incredible. Yet we don’t recommend social media as an area of focus for every client. It must fit for the brand and for the target audience before it’s worth investing the time and attention required.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen results from your social media program or advertising within social?

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