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Blaze your marketing trail: stop, pop and roll

Your plate is full. You’re just trying to keep your head above water. So when you add a website page, develop a new brochure, write a blog, or place a new ad campaign; it’s easy to strategize, write and design without considering the viewpoint of those you’re trying to reach.

Even seasoned marketers fall into the trap of cranking out projects framed from their own point of view, instead of from the viewpoint of the target audiences.

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The outcome can be costly.

You may get burned with a marketing program without results. A message doesn’t connect. Terms and acronyms are confusing. Design, layout and color repel instead of attract. Marketing dollars are wasted. Response is low and frustration high.

Here are three easy steps to ensure your marketing programs attract, engage and motivate your target audiences.

Stop: Begin every marketing program by asking questions

From your target audiences’ point of view, answer:

  • What do I want?
  • What’s in it for me, how do I benefit?
  • Why should I care?
  • Where and how do I prefer to get my information?
  • What’s my communication style?

Understanding your audiences and what they value is critical to the success of any marketing campaign. Thinking from their viewpoint, knowing how they prefer to communicate and using language, layout and colors they respond to will go a long way to improve marketing returns.

Take a step inside your audience’s world and get a feel for it, get in their heads. What are they seeing and responding to? Avoid jargon and talk to your target audiences simply and directly, relaying benefits.

Pop: Make every marketing project “pop” with your audience

Whether it’s design, copy or message placement, all elements must resonate with your target audiences. Speak to them in their language; craft your design and copy to cater to their preferences. Place your message where they’re most likely to see it. Be sure it’s easy to respond and give them a great reason to respond. Here’s how it works.

If you’re reaching teens …

You could opt for a Facebook ad with a free offer. The ad should have bright colors, hip graphics and terms like “OMG” and “LOL.” Your goal is to provide a message and design they can relate to. Your ad would be visible to your target because you put your message where teens spend time … Facebook. You’ve done your research and know that teens value free stuff and will often “like” a company that promotes a free offer they want and value. Guess what? You just improved the return on your marketing investment by thinking from your audiences’ viewpoint.

If you’re reaching seniors …

Social media is not the best place to reach people 65 and over, but they do read the newspaper and open direct mail pieces. When developing print materials, keep contrast high and font size at 11 point or more to ensure it’s comfortable to read. While teens prefer brief copy, seniors are willing to read longer copy. Of course, photos are always appealing when they support the message and enhance the communication.

Roll: Listen, remain flexible, adjust tactics and roll with the feedback

Learn by listening to your audiences. Let them lead you. They’ll tell you a lot by how they respond. How you communicate through your website, telephone conversations, emails, blogs, and ads plays a significant role in your company’s success. Use online forms and surveys to ask for input and measure success. Ask questions on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, encourage participation at events. Consistently review their input and adjust marketing tactics for best results.

Measure and test the success of each website page, online offer and blog post with reliable analytics. Those statistics will tell you what’s connecting with your audiences.

Put daily fires out, but remember to Stop, Pop and Roll

Before you jump into the next marketing or brand campaign, take a moment to step back from your own perspective and think about your audiences’ viewpoint. Make every marketing piece you touch “pop” to engage the people you need to reach. Roll with the feedback and refine messages, tactics and programs based on audience input.

Here are free resources to help blaze your trail to marketing success:

Our approach begins with defining audiences. Know your audiences to get bottom line results. Let’s talk. Give me a call toll-free, 866.363.4433, or drop me an email at smcvey@creativeco.com.

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