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Is your brand mobile-friendly? 14

Brand Responsibly Manifesto: 14

Mobile is where we’re growing. There’s no doubt mobile technology has accelerated. More versions of smartphones are being introduced constantly and tablets are proliferating. It’s hard to go a day without seeing or hearing what the next great device is and what it can do.

The stats tell a story of change, of new ways to use the Internet, new forms of advertising. Mobile continues to grow. It’s driving the next generation of websites and new opportunities to present the mobile brand.

An article  in AdAge notes: A Mary Meeker/Morgan Stanley study notes that by 2015 more people will access the Internet by phone than from a desktop. By this holiday season (2012) smartphone penetration will be at 50 percent. A year from now it’s going to be 90 percent. That’s incredible. No other medium has grown so quickly or become so pervasively integrated into our everyday lives as mobile.

Ensure your brand presence is mobile-friendly

Have you made sure your brand presence is mobile friendly?

The same article notes that by 2015 more people will use the Internet by phone than from a desktop.

A few years ago we used our phones to check the weather, now we use them to pay bills on the fly, get us through airport security, shop online and book hotel rooms. And they’re about to do a whole lot more.

The article goes on to note: Leave the house today and you need three things: wallet, keys and phone. By tomorrow it will be just the one. We’ll use a phone to pay a restaurant bill and point it at the car to start the engine to drive home. And when Near Field Communication (NFC) kicks in, things are going to get really interesting. You’ll be able to bump your phone to pay at cash registers, to check in at venues and even verify identity. That’s crazy fast progress.

Below are charts from AdWeek showing how your mobile audiences are using their smartphones, and which are the most active age groups for smartphone usage. As expected, younger audiences rule when it comes to mobile. And all mobile audiences are growing.

Mobile is growing how people use smartphonesMobile is growing demographics of smartphone users


More stats from Pew Internet, January 2013:

  • 26% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 31% of American adults own a tablet computer

For more information on e-readers, tablets, and libraries in the digital age, please visit the new section of our website: libraries.pewinternet.org.

The comScore mobiLens survey for the US ending February 2013 shows continuing rapid expansion of smartphone usage in the US. Even though the 50% penetration threshold was passed seven months earlier, the rate of new smartphone users was second highest ever recorded with over 1 million new-to-smartphones users every week during February.

These stats will be practically out of date by the time this blog is published … so what does it mean to you?

Mobile is growing … fast. It’s time to update. To create a mobile brand. Now. All of the quotes and stats prove the explosive, not linear, acceleration of mobile adoption. Your target audiences are mobile audiences … ESPECIALLY if they’re in the younger demographics. They’ll interact with your online brand as a mobile brand, not on a desktop. This effects:

  • How your messages are presented–make them easy to read nuggets
  • How your website is built–it must handle mobile and tablet viewing
  • How you place and format your calls to action–so they’re easy to use on a small screen
  • How you format your information–so phone numbers can be called and addresses mapped

Building your online brand to be mobile friendly means you’re Branding Responsibly. Building a mobile brand to reach your mobile audiences is reaching the future now. Go ahead and download your copy of our Brand Responsibly Manifesto–eighteen proclamations to guide your brand. Post it, share it, discuss it. Read more on  each proclamation:


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