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Create a brand to build your marketing results

A brand takes time to build.
And it will transform your marketing results.

When you’re planning a marketing program, no matter who your target audience is or what you’re offering, a brand will build marketing results.

An integrated brand build marketing strategy requires focus, deep thinking and attention on the audiences you must reach. It requires understanding the essence of what’s offered, how that’s of value to the audiences, and communicating that essence through design and message, consistently.

  • Create a strong visual identity and integrate it offline and online.
  • Build the brand at each touch point, and focus on the critical points of choice.
  • Ensure the message and tone is a unified voice.
  • Build a brand identity to create recognition and consistency between printed materials, online, social, web, signing, vehicle graphics and more.

But first, what is a brand?

A brand is an ongoing flow of images and ideas. It’s a series of experiences built from how people interact with the product or the company. Think of the consistency of the Apple brand–from packaging to retail to advertising to interaction with the object itself–whether iPod or Mac computer.

A brand builds context, shape and character into your marketing. It focuses on what makes you different and a better choice. It helps people understand your organization, product or service and separate it from the chaos of competitors. It helps people choose.

No matter who you’re trying to reach, we’re all bombarded every day with messages, advertising, information, ideas, visual clutter and a profusion of choices.

Your audiences are overwhelmed. And … when there are too many choices, people resist choosing.

brand build for audiencesA brand helps your audiences choose what you offer

A solid, integrated, effective brand builds attention to your marketing. It breaks through the chaos of too many choices. It resonates with your audiences and adds perceived value. When a brand helps audiences recognize benefits, results and outcomes, it answers “what’s in it for me?”  It moves any organization from competing on price to emphasizing the value provided.

A brand builds power into all marketing. When a visual and verbal identity is quickly recognized, your organization and message will get noticed. You will stand out from the chaos. And your audiences will understand why and how to choose what you offer.

Your brand will build over time

Since a brand is a continuity of interactions and experiences, its power and impact will build over time. It’s the cumulative effect that reinforces the value of what you offer.

That’s why, as the brand steward, you must stay focused on the central messages and the consistent visual tone and style. You will be tired of your colors, images and ideas long before your target audiences are. If you feel like you’re repeating yourself in different marketing channels, that’s good. Keep your eye on the brand and continue to build context, information and value.

The communication channels and media could be different, and the messages are focused on the specific value you and your organization offer. Yet the intent, planning, strategy and management of an effective brand is the same, no matter which industry you’re in.

Because effective branding is about people. How they perceive you. What they want from what you offer. How and where they find you. And what they see, hear and say about you. When you create a brand you will build power into your marketing program.

Start your brand build marketing program with these tools:

And when it’s time to bring in the brand experts to help plan, guide and carry out your brand and boost results from your marketing, contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss your goals and opportunities.

Or download our 9 tactics to build your brand worksheet … it’s a good way to begin your brand build marketing program.


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