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Brand message: Quality is … ?

Is your brand message:
“Quality is what we deliver” …

Or something similar? Think again. Everyone says they offer “quality” … but what does that really mean to the customer or client?

brand message is qualityThe word “quality” is used in too many ways in so many applications for a huge range of businesses and products as part of a brand message …  but what does it really mean to people? Depends.

When you’re crafting your brand’s key messages avoid over-used and generic terms like “quality” or “service.” They may sound good at first read, but what do they really mean to your target audience? Your brand message must be memorable, unique and specific to you and what you offer.

Make your brand message more meaningful and specific when you dig deeper to find ideas and messages that represent what your version of quality. When you’re specific, your audiences will understand what you do and how you deliver “quality.”

A few examples:

  • The hand-selected leathers are carefully matched and hand-sewn to last a lifetime. (A quality wallet)
  • Our engineers have strength-tested every part to reduce failures and deliver reliable performance. (A quality machine)
  • You can count on our technicians to go above and beyond to make sure everything is working. (High quality service and support)
  • When you step into your room, the soft lighting will greet you, the bed will be turned down with a chocolate on the pillow, sheets and towels will be fresh, and the wifi will be free. (A quality hotel)
  • Our 20-point checklist ensures everything is perfect before you pick up your car. (A quality car wash or repair)
  • Picked and packed on the same day, you can taste all the goodness of every bean. (frozen beans)

I was talking to a new client recently and this came up (it usually does). I was asking what makes them different from their competitors and the response was … “we offer quality service.” Huh?

Is anyone going to say “we offer bad quality and lousy service”? I think not. 

When you’re discussing your brand message, how to present who you are and how you’re different and better … use these questions to dig a bit deeper. Search for words and ideas that paint a picture and don’t sound like everyone else. Build your messaging hierarchy from your audiences’ point of view.

  • Tell me more. What does the customer get from our quality? What’s the outcome or result?
  • What does quality mean to our customer? How is that different from our competition?
  • What do we do that is good for the customer, but different or better than others?
  • What other words could replace “quality” that are more specific to what we do and provide?
  • What can our customers count on from us? That’s the essential brand message, the brand promise.

brand message quality stamp

Choose new, fresh words

Next time you hear someone on your team say something like “we’re the best quality around” … shout “tell me more!” and get that person to say it in a new way, to tell you what quality really means to them, to your customers. Your brand message will be even stronger when you can frame that idea of “quality” the way your customers see it.

Your brand message will be stronger. Your target audiences will understand and respond. All will be good.

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What’s messaging hierarchy?

Here are a few examples. Messaging becomes the foundation for all copy and content, from sales calls to website content, brochures to banners. It’s tied to brand positioning and it’s essential to the visual and verbal brand.

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