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Think of your website as a vehicle

Your website doesn’t have wheels, but …

It’s what gets you from here to there. It’s an investment that must be maintained. And it also has a useful lifespan. You can choose from the basic low-cost models, or you can choose a model with a higher price tag and all of the bells and whistles.

I talked recently with a friend who was very frustrated with her website. She felt it was too expensive to develop and it should have lasted more than five years. She had just found out the platform it was built on was no longer usable. And she didn’t want to invest again in something new that would go out of date. It got me to thinking.

How valuable is your website to your business? Very.

your website as a vehicle

This mobile shred truck for Garten Services is the business asset. Yet the graphics turned it into a rolling billboard that captured 50 new accounts the first 3 months it was on the road.

If you’re a company that maintains a fleet of vans, cars or trucks to do business (HVAC, telephone companies, landscapers, etc.) you understand how vital that machinery is to your success. You’ll be sure it’s visible (see our article on the value of fleet graphics!). And you’ll keep each vehicle tuned up, the oil changed, etc. to ensure it’s running smoothly when you need it.

That fleet, or even just the one car or truck, is what gets your work done. Without it, you’re not delivering what you’re being paid to do. Essential, yes?

What else about a vehicle?
Think of your website in the same framework:

  • It’s essential to get you from here to there; your website gets your marketing message and brand to your audiences, where they’re looking for what you offer
  • It has a lifespan of about three to five years; your website’s lifespan is similar, then it’s time to rebuild
  • It requires attention and maintenance to keep it running smoothly; your website needs the same, you can’t just set it and forget it
  • It’s a better billboard for your company when it’s kept clean; your website needs fresh content to keep it coming up in Google searches, and providing what people are looking for
  • It’s an investment in your business; your website is also an investment you can amortize over its life
  • You can choose from basic to luxury; your website is the same–match the features you need to how you work and what your audiences need
  • The pricetag for a new vehicle can run from $10,000 to $100,000; you could fit a website solution into the same range, depending on what you need and the features you’re looking for

Your website is at the heart of today’s marketing … as a business person, it’s an investment in your success. If you think of your website as you do about your company vehicle, you’ll be on the right track. It will be easier to invest in, to keep clean, and to maintain for three to five years, before you turn it in for the new model.

Wondering if your website has what it takes to be at the heart of your marketing? Download our evaluation worksheet below. If you would like a review of your online brand, website and strategy with advice for improvement, drop me an email.

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  1. Once again Jennifer. . . thank you for a great blog article on creating the just right logo. We love following your work!


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