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Marketing concepts that boost business

The right marketing concepts will inspire response and boost sales

Marketing concepts, the ideas behind the strategies that work, can make or break business. It takes deep thinking and a bit of digging to come up with the right concept. But wow … when it works!

When searching online for the definition of “marketing concept” this is one summary from Northern Arizona University:

It holds that the key to achieving its organizational goals (goals of the selling company) consists of the company being more effective than competitors in creating, delivering, and communicating customer value to its selected target customers. The marketing concept rests on four pillars:  target market, customer needs, integrated marketing and profitability.

Thus the right marketing concepts will be tuned to target customers, communicate value, and communicate more effectively than the competition. So true.

But the critical piece, the piece with many options and choices, is “integrated marketing.” With today’s splintering of communication channels, how and where the marketing communications are integrated can make the difference between success or failure.

After all, even if the communication and value are exceptional, if the message doesn’t reach the intended audience due to a poor choice of marketing channels, it has failed.

audiences are the marketing conceptsToday’s marketing concepts start with the target audience

At the core of any successful marketing campaign is an understanding of the audience you seek to reach. Who are they? Think demographics and generations, as well as psychographics.

  • What do they know about what is offered?
  • What are their perceptions or mis-perceptions?
  • What other choices do they have besides your organization?
  • How do they take in information?
  • What do they need to know to choose you over the competition? (your story of value)
  • What is the decision process? Referrals, multiple levels of buyers, or ?
  • What is the “trigger” to take action? What is the reason they want what you have to offer?

All of this information will help you choose the communication channels and messages that will integrate into effective marketing concepts, designed to reach your target audiences.

Integrate the following strategies to be successful


Narrow your focus to positioning that connects with your audiences and separates you from the rest. Read more about positioning here. 


Integrate the visual and verbal brand so it resonates with your audiences. For example, older audiences will read longer text but also need larger type and good contrast. Younger audiences (Millennials) prefer bigger pictures, videos and digital communication channels.

Learn more about the generations when you download our Generational Marketing worksheet. 

Point of choice:

When you know where your audiences choose to take action and your marketing is focused to demand action, you’ll be more effective. You’ll see a bigger response from your marketing investment. Learn more about the point of choice here. And download our Point of Choice worksheet here.

Marketing concepts require an understanding of your audiences and how they choose. When you understand the people you need to reach to be successful, you’ll be well on your way towards developing effective marketing concepts and strategies.

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