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Brand build for the new year, are you ready?

The new year is nearly here.
Is your marketing ready?

This year is nearly done. Have you seen the changes? Economic recovery. New opportunities. More demand for what you offer. (we have) Yet when you think about your marketing program, are you frustrated? Excited? Just trying to keep up? Hang on … there are more changes coming.


How’s your brand? Build for the new year

The end of the year is a good time to step back and take a hard look at your brand and marketing. Is it still working? Are you getting response? Or … are there new audiences to reach and new stories to tell? The challenges we have seen in the last few years will only continue to proliferate.

How people choose, what they look for, what they expect, and where they search for information … get back to basics.

What’s predicted for 2015?

More changes, more digital options, more opportunities.

“The only constant is change.” A few predictions summarized:

  • “Brands are publishers,” content that educates, informs and adds value will grow as a critical marketing tool and a brand build tactic
  • What’s your story? The human stories that build authenticity and add heart will elevate the brands that use them
  • Expect more visuals–bigger images on websites, tiles with photos instead of plain links, more pictures in social to get more shares
  • Digital marketing and social media will continue to morph–more options, pay to play on social, more screen sizes … mobile/responsive is essential for your website and brand build program

Where to start? What’s imperative for 2015?

It’s a digital ecosystem, true. But we’re all still human.

Before you try to figure out the new stuff and which way to go, get back to the basics–re-focus on who you need to reach, how they find you, and what you offer that they value. Get clear about who your target audience is. How they think. What they search for. How they decide. What’s important to them (not you!).

  • What are the pain points they have that trigger a search for what you offer?
  • What are the problems you solve?
  • What do you offer that others don’t? Why is that better?
  • How do your audiences choose? What’s the decision process?
  • Where do they look for what you offer?

When you’re clear, take what’s working and build your brand. Use exceptional design and distinctive color to stand out. Add the stories that are specific, memorable and sharable. Use words that communicate more than “service” and “quality” descriptions. Frame your brand build ecosystem around your audiences, not just around what you offer. Your brand must build your story, respond to what people are looking for, and demand action to increase response.

And always always always … “what’s in it for me?” “why should I care?” (from your audience’s point of view) It’s easy to explain and describe what you do, how it’s made, what you offer, the list of products or services. But until you respond to “what’s in it for me?” you won’t get the response you’re seeking.

Fix what’s not working

This year a number of companies called us in to repair and update their marketing. Although they had many pieces and parts (website, ads, billboards, vehicles, etc.) something was missing. Frustration was high, money was being spent, but results weren’t there. And there was this nagging feeling that the program in place wasn’t keeping up with what’s possible, what’s current, what’s working.

We started with each client by asking questions about positioning, audiences and the “wow!” We looked at analytics. Checked out the competition. Reviewed current marketing. Discussed short- and long-term goals. And we went back to basics.

It worked. Each client is thrilled with their updated and focused marketing. We created the central message, elevated the design, drove home what’s important to the audiences and delivered results.

Our brand build program took what was working, the critical ideas and messages that resonated with the target audiences, and integrated them where audiences look first. Focusing on that point of choice drives response.

Would you like support with your marketing? Options …

  • Meet with an expert: a two-hour consultation will pinpoint where to focus, what to leverage and how to move forward to get the best results. Only $250.
  • Add a marketing coach: for you and your in-house team–professional guidance, objective thinking, insight from 30+ years of real-world experience.Choose the program that works for you.
  • Or let’s talk about how you expect your marketing to perform. What’s missing? What’s working? Our services might be a good fit.

Interested? Give me a call, 503.883.4433 or email me.

Get started now. Go back to basics.

Go back to basics with our ebook, 10 Steps to Build an Optimized Brand. You’ll learn how to define your audiences, the value of positioning, why the point of choice is so critical, and how to inspire recognition and response. It’s the foundation of your brand build program.
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