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An optimized brand = good marketing to support a sale

An optimized brand is targeted, clear and direct

You can build a brand with great content, outstanding design and lots of visibility supported with ad campaigns, packaging, an online presence, provide valuable content, create a positive experience … and more. Yet the end game is to engage the interested person enough to become a customer, to provide so much value they are compelled to jump in and buy.

An optimized brand clearly states value and the next action, to enroll, refer, join, apply or buy.

In a blog post by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing, he reminds us:

“You’ve got to create content that educates, content that builds trust and content that closes if you want the content creation aspect of your business to do what it’s suppose to do. If you yourself are struggling with this notion, here’s my formula for selling with complete integrity.”

After all, we’re spending time and money to build a brand and optimize it, because the end goal is to sell. And an optimized brand does just that, “sell with integrity.”

John’s formula bears repeating:

1) Tell your audience as you’re building it that you have something for sale.
2) Make your free stuff better than your competitor’s paid stuff.
3) Educate and give with every interaction in every network and through every vehicle.
4) Give people a way to try and experience you and your products live and in person.
5) Remind your followers that you’re going to sell them something

He adds, “I know this sounds simple, but the only way this works is if you create the expectation that they will want to buy what you have to sell and then you earn the right to ask for the order.”

“The problem most people have is that they give and give and forget to build the case for the value that comes with becoming a customer. Then, when finally ask for the money, it’s too late.”

A clear call to action, and “what’s in it for me?”

what-is-copywriting-wiifmJohn reminds us again to provide value while consistently delivering a clear call to action. An optimized brand includes a detailed, step by step method of response. And it reinforces why the reader/viewer/user should respond … “what’s in it for me?”

Merely putting information out there — no matter how interesting or compelling or well designed–will not gain a response. When you optimize your brand, you ensure the target audiences know what they need to do at that point of choice. You’re driving them to that next step in the sales process.

In a world of communication overwhelm and information overload, a good marketer can’t expect the audience to figure out what to do next. A good marketer will reinforce the value and provide the straightforward means to take specific action.

What’s your marketing challenge? Do your audiences understand the value you provide? Or are you the “best kept secret” in your category? Talk to us.

(Clear call to action)

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