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Marketing objectives for the new year, ready?

Another new year around the corner

How did that happen so fast? Do you feel like the year didn’t just fly by, it sonic boomed into the future? That’s how I feel. So many changes. Trial and error. Simplified and streamlined. New clients. Great results. Now, to the future. To new marketing objectives.

marketing objectives roses and oneionsWe have a process I learned from a client … look back on the “roses and onions.”

Both smelly in their own way. Both useful, each in their own way. Roses, of course, are beautiful and appealing. They’re in the “you did good” category.

Onions are the things that maybe didn’t go as planned, the disappointments. But they’re also useful to review from “what did we learn? how can we use this to improve?”

With the ginormous number of changes in the last few years … I think those changes fall into both the rose and onion category …  look what’s new, how can we use this? Social options evolved. Online resources improved. And distraction is rampant … making it hard to focus on getting stuff done.

When it comes to fulfilling on those marketing objectives, what were your roses … or onions?

A few roses for you … (our faves and recommendations)

  • Online design options continue to improve. We recommend Canva.com for non-designers. Useful templates, easy to use, decent design choices.
  • If you’re using an iPhone and want an app to create quick memes, check out WordSwag. Click through a bunch of different design options to design what you want, then post. Cool.
  • We are still in love with HubSpot. And this year we shifted (finally!) our website from an old Joomla platform (so hard to use) to HubSpot. They helped us migrate at a low cost, and now we can get in there and edit quickly and easily. The stats and reports are amazing. And they keep improving it, now with a CRM integrated. Most excellent.
  • And in our business … we won awards and recognition for our work. Always a big blooming fragrant rose we love.

These tools help us do more, learn what works, measure results and move us closer to our marketing objectives.

And the onions … frustrations and misses

  • Still wondering about Google Plus … who’s there? Is it valuable for us? And then there’s figuring out our business listing in Google Business … still not getting good results. It was set up a long time ago by a former employee and now it’s REALLY difficult to fix and update!
  • And really, Google Drive? We use it a lot and they keep fiddling. The latest frustration is how the folders are organized … or not. You can’t find things the same way. By the way, we’re not the only ones complaining.
  • Other onions … determining which clients are a good fit. I love to make a difference for people. But sometimes they expect more than we can fulfill, or resist what we know will work. Often it’s resisting change, when change is what has to happen to move forward and meet marketing objectives.

Use this exercise. Brainstorm with your team.

What were the roses, the highlights for the year? How can those be repeated? Then what were the onions? What are the lessons learned that you can apply to what’s ahead? Or what do you add to the “not doing that again” list?

Marketing objectives are constantly shifting as business evolves, audience expectations shift and our economy bounces up and down. What are your objectives for the coming year?

Might be time to go back to the basics … evaluate again from who you are, who your audiences are and what you want to accomplish. Use our 9 Tactics Worksheet as a guide. Or contact us for a review and audit.

Read more about our brand audit services on our website.

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