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Rebranding for today’s audiences

Rebranding helps you redefine who you are

Many companies are reviewing their brand identity, company name and overall marketing strategy for the new year. Why? Positioning and perception.

How you’re positioned in your market and your category is defined by your brand. Perception is reality–is your organization recognized for what you do or provide? Or are there misperceptions you want to address?

Rebranding for brand adoption

Rebranding and new messaging communicated through posters for Cascade Employers Association

Rebranding can force a re-evaluation of the organization. A review of how business is done. A new look at the value offered … from your audiences’ point of view. It becomes a time to explore new opportunities. Or to choose new products or services and target new markets.

Rebranding gives an organization a reason to tell a fresh story. Rebranding can honor the past and look to the future. And it can generate new excitement with the staff and new recognition in the market and category.

Brand refresh, rebrand or new name?

There are many approaches to rebranding … how do you determine the right fit for your organization?

There are many reasons for updating. And just as many approaches to the process. Yet no matter the reason, keep in mind your brand is not the logo. Your brand encompasses the whole experience, the visual and verbal representation of who you are and how you want to be perceived and understood.

  • The brand’s tone and style must echo who you are and the position you want to own in your market.
  • The brand will define how you measure up to the competition.
  • Your brand will help you separate yourself from others in your category.
  • Your brand must reinforce the value of what you offer … from your audiences’ point of view … with imagery and messaging to clarify at a glance the strengths of your brand.

What kind of response can you expect after your rebranding?

Just a few quotes from our rebranding clients, whether new name and brand, a redesign of their brand identity or a brand refresh to update brand elements.

“… we continue to get rave reviews … “

“With our new identity, booth and sales literature, we doubled the number of inquiries we received …”

” … helped us focus our message to reveal a better expression … “

” … we have a big, bright, positive presence in the communities we serve.”

Our staff loves our fresh approach, is focused on the future ”

More resources about rebranding

And you can download our rebranding guidelines below to begin your rebrand process:


Learn more about the branding process, from audit to launch, on our website.

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