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Creative marketing concepts are visual and verbal

Creative marketing concepts drive response

marketing-response-creative-marketingAction, lots of action. (No napping.) Isn’t that what you expect from your marketing? People to respond–call, refer, click-through, share the story. All great responses. The best, of course, is “yes, I want to buy!”

Lots of people claim they’re “creative.” And there are plenty of people who “do marketing.”

But can you smush those two together and get something that truly drives results? That inspires action from the people you want to reach? Probably not. The two–visual and verbal creative plus marketing elements–must be partners. Two halves of a whole. Synchronized to build on and amplify one another.

What’s creative, really?

Being creative isn’t about flash and cool effects. Or the latest trend in visual style or fonts. Or funky wording that’s cute and sassy.

Truly breakthrough creative is built on a solid underpinning of audience understanding and focused positioning. It doesn’t shout “look at me!” Instead, great creative grabs at the hearts and minds of the people you want to reach. (Because you know them and know what they want from you.) And it does so with carefully chosen words and imagery selected to grab attention. Then it quietly entices and delights the reader or viewer. And sticks with them. It’s memorable. Delightful or thoughtful. Nudging one along to learn more. To respond.

What’s a marketing concept?

Like great creative, a marketing concept is the idea, the approach and the components chosen. It’s how those elements are designed and written to resonate with the target audiences. Then it’s how and where those communications appear. Creative marketing concepts are hand-in-hand with strategy, media planning, copywriting, and brand design. The concepts use the visual and verbal brand to be unique and memorable.

Creative marketing concepts leap away from a “me too” approach. (You know what I mean, when all that financial marketing looks pretty much the same, or all of those ads for wineries use a picture of a vineyard and the wine bottle.) It’s the “Think Different” of your industry, product line or services.

That creative marketing concept presents the “wow!” of what’s being marketed.

What’s a “wow!”? It’s the thing people comment on the most. The idea or look or function that grabs, surprises or delights. It’s unexpected so it’s memorable. Unexpected good, of course. Not “ewww … why that?” A few examples:

  • For the wine and culinary tourism campaign for downtown McMinnville, the “wow!” was the number of restaurants and wineries in a 14 block area. The design system highlighted the numbers (wow!). Copy used gushing reviews from travel writers to add excitement and authenticity.
  • For McTavish Cookies, it’s the incredible taste and real ingredients that makes their shortbread a “really good cookie.” When the packaging described delicious ingredients and showed off the cookies and flavors, sales shot up. Big “wow!”
  • western-oregon-waste-wow

    The true meaning of “wow!’ Unexpected garbage trucks, so memorable.

    Then, of course, there’s Western Oregon Waste. A garbage company doesn’t need to market, but this one wanted to be seen as more than the average hauler of trash and recycling. They became their own “wow!” The most talked about garbage trucks around.

  • For Salem Convention Center, we distilled their “wow!” (amazing people offering “no hiccups” service) into ads that feature what brides and event planners are looking for. The award-winning ads and website grab attention and quickly deliver details to each audience.

Each of these examples demonstrates creative marketing concepts built on a clear understanding of the target audiences and a definitive position in the market.

Where’s your “wow!”?

Ask your target audiences and your people. Quiz them to get to the essence of why people chose you. Or why they return to buy again. Or what makes them want to refer or recommend.

What do they say when they praise what you have provided? Those are the wows to capture and distill into ideas to drive your creative marketing concepts. Stand out. Be known. Get recognized. Capture response. All it takes (hah, not easy!) is creative marketing concepts, founded on remarkable positioning, presented with eye-grabbing graphics and supported with authentic, never-boring messages.

Ready? We can help. We’ll dig down to those nuggets that make you special. The ideas that lift you up and get people talking (in a good way). Drop me an email or give me a call at 503.883.4433.

Use our guide to develop your positioning. Stuck? It can be a bit bewildering. We’re here to help.


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