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Our Manifesto: Brand Responsibly

Now that we’re well into February, and most of our new year’s resolutions got left behind in January, it’s time to really gain some momentum on making change this year. Amongst the personal resolutions you set for yourself in 2011, hopefully you set a few for your brand as well. Lucky for your brand, it doesn’t need to diet, exercise or lose weight. (Jealous.) But there are always opportunities for your brand to work harder, faster and stronger in boosting sales for your company.

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Marketing Mistake 12: Marketing is the same as sales

The mistake: Believing that a sales strategy is the same as a well-planned marketing program


Marketing’s purpose is to set the foundation for sales, to design a long-term approach that supports every sales call and presentation—by qualifying leads; establishing recognition of your organization, products and services; by generating interest; by differentiating you from the competition; by creating higher perceived value.

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Ten brands we are thankful for!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Creative Company want to give thanks to some of the brands that inspire our marketing brains, AND possibly our Black Friday shopping lists. From around the globe, as well as some from right here in the Willamette Valley, here are the ten brands we are most thankful for this year.

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